"What You See Is What You Get" editing is user-friendly. But you can often have ...

Frustrating problems with WYSIWYG online editing

Being able to see how the document looks while editing it is clearly a good thing. But in practice it is far from ideal.

What are the alternatives to WYSIWYG editing?

Meet this alternative: Wiki syntax

When editing with wiki syntax, the author inputs the styling code along with the text.


Tiki Syntax
Easy to learn
Small learning curve
Extensive browser supportNOYES
Readable source by defaultNOYES
Flexibly extensibleNOYES
Fast page loadNOYES
See Wysiwyg Problems and Solutions for details.

There is at least one web software platform that lets users choose how they want to edit content - they can choose page-by-page, or they can choose even for individual sections of a page.

This platform is Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Logo Tikiv2
Tiki is a full-featured web application that provides features including wiki pages, blogs, forums, galleries, CMS articles, and flexible, powerful database input and display.
Tiki page editing possibilities
Icon Edit1
All pages wiki syntax
Icon Edit2
All pages WYSIWYG
Icon Edit3
Some pages wiki syntax
Some pages WYSIWYG
Icon Edit4
WYSIWYG page sections
in wiki syntax pages

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Has your website ever exploded on you because you used a WYSIWYG editor?

Horror stories

I have an idea how I want the page to look, but have a hard time getting that appearance with the editor. It seems to have its own way to place things on the page, and I can't get it to put things where I want them.
Our web site users aren't happy with the features of the wysiwyg editor that we're using. They want more styling choices, more text colors, etc. And they want to be able to have math formulas and other technical content in their documents.

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